Wp_options is huge, how to find culprit plugin?

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My wp_options table is getting too big, about 12GB while my database in only about 5mb, and total Wordpress app is less than 1GB.

How can I find the culprit plugin? Is there a plugin or something?

And the second question is how can I clean the wp-options table? Advanced DB Cleaner and Transient Cleaner plugins didn’t work in this case.

Thank you!

Hi @hiva9,

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Could you check this post of the community?

about that you could check the documentation of the plugins o try to disable what seems more culprit and check if the database it’s growing or not.
it’s trial and error.


Hi Ibone,

Thanks for your reply. I found the culprit plugin, it was the security plugin called iTheme Security. Just in case if someone else has the same issue with this plugin, I went to their setting menu and changed the number of days to keep the logs in database, from 60 days to 7days. And it worked for me.


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Hi @hiva9,

Thanks for sharing. I close the ticket. Do not hesitate to write us back if you have any other questions.