Wp Multisite AWS Lightsail Wp admin panel takes me to blog page

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installed wp multisite on aws lightsail, used bncert-tool installation and registered my domain. In the wp network adminpanel everything i push redirect me to blog page with a text registration disabled. Im trying to upload plugins but it seems everything else i push also redirect me to the same page?

the static ip I use for the instance is the one i used for my single site instance that i erased.

cant acseess the login page anymore

Hi @sasan.shojaiyan,

I understand you set the www redirection when using bncert but configured WordPress Multisite to use the non-www domain (or the other way around) and that’s why you can’t access WordPress right now. You can disable the Apache’s redirection in the “wordpress” files inside the /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/vhosts folder. Once you edit the files, please remember to restart the service.

Happy to help!

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