Wordpress Production-Ready Stack Domain Issues with subdomain using .US extension

Keywords: WordPress - AWS - How to - Domain Name (DNS)

Hi there,
The domain I intend to use is a subdomain, with the root domain using the .us extension. Whenever I attempt to configure the settings for the template accordingly, I recieve an error saying that the domain is improperly formatted.

When I change the regex or remove it from the template, I still receive an error due to the external validation noted in the post here: Domain name with dash in Bitnami WordPress Production-Ready Stack failed

Are there any workarounds for this currently?

Hi @noblemen,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Just a quick note to let you know we are looking into it and we will be back to you with any update we have.

Hi @noblemen,

We are in the process of releasing the new version of WordPress production ready. We will be back with any update

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