Wordpress + NGINX + SSL + PHP 7.4 - Include One More Stack

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Dear Sir,

I had a staging site running smoothly on Wordpress + NGINX + SSL + PHP 7.4.

To go live, I am trying to shift to a new GCP instance.

I launched a new Bitnami instance with Wordpress + NGINX + SSL and I tried to migrate the backup (taken with All In One Migration plugin Pro).

The import just won’t happen, because, the early site had PHP 7.4 and the present one has 8 +.

I am stuck with a backup which I can’t use in new Wordpress stack and I can’t get to see the old one with PHP 7.4 as it has gone. And I don’t want to use any other stack except Bitnami.

Can you please restore the old stack (with PHP 7.4) to help the old users?

The new one with PHP 8 can be used for fresh installations.

Please Help !

If you include both stacks, with PHP 7+ and 8 +, the user will get an option to choose between the two in the Marketplace.

Please consider this !

Hi @forufora,

Unfortunately we won’t support two different SingleVM versions. I recommend asking in the official WordPress forum about migrating data from from a WordPress installation with PHP 7.4 to one with PHP 8.0.


Thanks for your response ! I will do as suggested !


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