Wordpress Multisite with Subdirectories

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bnsupport ID: e8229fc7-66d1-67c8-50e2-518d9101d89f

bndiagnostic output:

? Resources: Found possible issues

bndiagnostic failure reason: The suggested guides are not related with my issue

I am starting from scratch so open to any possible strategy. I have tried both a traditional install then activating multisite as a subdirectory, and a multisite install trying to switch it to subdirectories.

I have the best luck with the traditional install so that’s what this is. I have network setup > install enabled. In past attempts, I have done this and gotten to the page where I select the subdirectories and updated the config and htaccess with the info provided but then creating the subdirectory I get a webpage loading without the styling to it, and I’m unable to login to the wp-admin.

I’m wondering if it all starts at the mod-rewrite stage. Happy to configure this and move on to the next stage prompting the aforementioned styling / admin errors and rerun the diagnostic tool for feedback.

Also, the tool suggested I have low RAM. Do I just pay up now and thank myself later or can I upgrade my package once I get this all installed and operating?

I got antsy. I went ahead and did it. Now logging in to my admin redirects me to This is after hitting install, then updating wp-config and .htaccess with the details from the instructions.


Hello @ACM,

Just to confirm: are you following this documentation?


So my support codes above were for a brand new install of the traditional (non-multisite) wordpress. So first I enabled and then I installed. Your guide was for converting a subdomain install to a subdirectory. I followed your guide with the 3 file edits.

After restarting Apache, I manually logged out so that I can log in again. Now if I enter the right password, it brings me here:


If I enter the wrong password intentionally, I’m given the alert that it is incorrect.

Error : The password you entered for the username user is incorrect. Lost your password?

Below is my code for the new multisite installation following the guide you shared above and encountering these login problems.


Thank you!

I want to help the community. This is a success. I just tried logging in via another browser. Perhaps adding another line to the bottom of your article about deleting your cookies / trying another browser will help others in the future!

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