Wordpress Multisite instalation on Gcloud peaking 100% CPU usage for no reasoon

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Hello community, thanks for this awesome tool and forum.
I have a wordpress multisite instalation on a GCP VM micro on east1 and it usually stays at 20% CPU usage. For some reason, it starts to peak at 100%+ and gets really slugish and slow. I wonder if you could help me out. Cheers from Rio!

Hi @leandro.charlotte,

I recommend running WordPress Multisite on an instance with more resources, especially when you use many plugins/themes. Another thing you should check is if there are many requests from the same IPs, this could indicate a bot attack:



Dear Michel, thanks for the prompt reply!

I have been using this instance for some time with no issues, and I’ve turned on cloud flare DDOS attack mode on, which has improved the performance a bit…

I have 3 websites under this installation, but they all use the same theme and plugins. It usually stays at 20% CPU usage

I wonder if there is a way to clean up my WordPress installation for leftovers or is there something broken that is making it slower. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks again🙏

I have done the command
tail -n 10000 access_log | awk ‘{print $1}’| sort| uniq -c| sort -nr| head -n 10

And all the ip listed were cloudflare’s
such as IP range details - IPinfo.io

How can I configure apache to best deal with this?
I have already improved the VM instance to a e2 small with 2gb ram.
Thank you for the help, Michiel!

Hi @leandro.charlotte,

It doesn’t seem related to the Apache configuration but rather to the application itself. I recommend asking in the WordPress community:



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