Wordpress Multisite deployed but has warnings

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Hi I have deployed a wordpress multisite by bitnami and it says that it has warnings

Here are the details:
This deployment has resources from the Runtime Configurator service, which is in Beta. There is no planned date for moving this feature into General Availability (GA). Examples of runtimeconfig types used: runtimeconfig.v1beta1.config, runtimeconfig.v1beta1.waiter


Hi @angel1998 ,

Thank you for reporting this. I could reproduce the issue when launching the solution from the Google Marketplace

I’ll forward this info to our team and they will investigate this warning and update this thread when having more information.

In case you have any other questions, please create a new issue in the Bitnami VMs repository. More information here.


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The website is working though, but will wait for your update. Thank you so much.