Wordpress Lightsail Theme and Filezilla Permissions

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I have an issue with my WP theme and i am talking with the Avada support. They are unable to edit .wp-config file through Filezilla. I tried to adjust bitnami permissions but found no solution. Please help.


Hello @nick.wilger.feg,

Thanks for using Bitnami! I see you have changed some permission, please reset them to the default ones following our Understand WordPress Filesystem Permissions so you avoid any permission-related issues in the future.

Regarding the permission error you are receiving in Filezilla, are you using bitnami as the user to connect to your instance? The bitnami user has the necessary permissions to modify wp-config. For more information on how to configure Filezilla, please check out our SFTP Client configuration guide.

Another option would be to temporarily modify the access permissions of the wp-config file so that any user can modify it. I do not recommend doing this, as that file’s permissions are strict for security reasons.

Francisco de Paz

Hi @fdepaz

Yes i have read both those articles. I did temporarily modify access permissions of the wp-config file which solved my first issue.

Hi @nick.wilger.feg,

I’m glad you were able to solve this! Please do not doubt to open a new thread if you encounter any new issues in your instance configuration.

Francisco de Paz

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