Wordpress I feel is lost forever please help

Keywords: WordPress - OSX VM - How to - Credentials

Hi, I created a wordpress using bitnami, I hope all can help me.

I never backed up or saved my wordpress when it was finished. My thoughts at the time was I had transferred it to SiteGround to use for hosting and everything was fine. I had a rough time with covid and I didn’t renew my hosting.

They deleted my wordpress and any back ups to it.

Now im trying to relog back into it to find where I had left off using bitnami. I downloaded bitnami/wordpress from bitnamis website and it wants me to create a new account.

I don’t know how to access my old account. I don’t remember my old user name I used originally when I downloaded the software.

I was able to log into bitnami as a whole tho.

If you need any clarifying questions answered please feel free to ask me I really need to go this done.

Thank you

I understand you deployed the solution locally in your computer, right? In that case, you do not need any account to download the VM, you can get it from the official site


Hey I’m unsure if we are talking about the same thing?

You mentioned you downloaded bitnami/wordpress from the website. If you download any of the Bitnami solutions (either the installer, VM, container or chart), you do not need a Bitnami account to do so, you can simply proceed with the download process. Once downloaded and deployed, the solution comes with a pre-defined user/password (in case of using the installer, you will be asked to set them) so you do not need your “old account” to access the app either.

However, if you are talking about the app’s credentials and if you deployed a OS X VM in the past, you will continue accessing the old data, no matter if you download a new version from the website. You have multiple options here: