WordPress High Availability - Support for eu-south-1

Type: Suggestion

Hi, I follow this guide “WordPress High Availability by
Bitnami on the AWS Cloud” https://aws-quickstart.s3.amazonaws.com/quickstart-bitnami-wordpress/doc/wordpress-high-availability-by-bitnami-on-the-aws-cloud.pdf.

Could you please make it compatible for “eu-south-1”? The region “eu-south-1” should be added in the “EFSSupportedRegionRule” list. Then I got this error, but I don’t think there is much I can do about it:
“Template error: Unable to get mapping for AWSAMIRegionMap::eu-south-1::BITNAMIWP”

Thank you in advance.

Hi @fabio.calabretta,

thank you for taking the ticket to report this. I just checked that the region is currently supported by the AWS quickstart scripts so we will need to work on supporting the pending regions in our templates


Please note that you can’t edit the template and add the new region because the AMI is not copied into that region.

I’ll open a task on our side to work on this but I can’t provide you with any ETA on when this will available.


Hi Jota,
thank you very much. How can I be notified when the AMI will be copied into the eu-south-1 region?

Hi @fabio.calabretta,

We will update this thread once the changes are ready.

Ok great! Thank you Jota.

Hi @jota, are there any updates on this? Thank you

Hi @fabio.calabretta,

There is not any progress here and we can provide you with an ETA.

Sorry for the inconvenience