Wordpress Bitnami Stack on Hyper-V

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I know Bitnami by vmware, but is there any Wordpress Bitnami VM stack for Hyper-V?

I find this too old solution

and this too old answer too

but I just want to know if it is still the only way.
and 2do. questions:
I have AWS bitnami wordpress stack and want to download it to local (hyper-V) it could work fine? or are not compatible Bitnami stack?
Thank you for your help, comments and support.

Hi @julioaviles,

We do not provide Hyper-V VMs and do not have any guide to convert our images to it. We only provide OVAs for VMs and you will need to find any online guide (if any) that shows you how to convert that. However, we have not tested that scenario and we can’t assure you if that will work.

Same here, we have not tested this and we can’t confirm if this will work.