Who manages the infrastructure for resource space

  • Which version of the application are you using?:8.1-0

  • Please choose how you got the application: Installer (Windows, Linux, macOS), cloud image (AWS, GCE, Azure, …) or VM (VMDK, VBOX): cloud Azure

  • Have you installed any plugin or modified any configuration file?: No

  • Describe here your question/suggestion/issue (expected and actual results): If I deploy resource space to Azure cloud who will run updates on the VM that’s running resource space. Am I meant to do it or will bitnami take care of it ? Additionally, VHD size is 30GB, this is way too small for our application. Is it possible to deploy resourcespace using bitnami and have more space ? (200GB+)

Hi @mereckaj,

We do not run updates for you; we only re-release that image updated, so you have to reapply it, with a mechanism of your own invention (since it depends on your requirements) in case you needed to automate it.

Regarding having a greater disk, you can follow this guide in order to achieve that:

Is there anything else that we can help you with?

Best regards,

David González