Where to download Bitnami / Joomla complete pre J4.0

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Unfortunately The current offering is Joomla 4.04. I need the pre major version of 3.10.3 or earlier to install. Version 4 is a major update that is not completely compatible with existing offerings/ site restore. Is the anywhere to download complete bitnami installation of 3.9 +

Hi @mrburns,

Thank you for your interest. Are you looking for the Windows or the Linux installer? I need that info to look for the proper file.


HI there jota,

I was looking for the windows version. My apologies for not stating such, and thank you for taking time out; appreciated.

Hi @mrburns,

Thanks for your message. The previous version we released before the 4.0 version of Joomla was 3.9.28-1. Find below the download link for the Windows installer


Thank you for this; much appreciated.

Hi @mrburns,

Thanks for your message. We are glad the previous version worked for you. We will close this thread as solved. Please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you need any other version or if you have any other questions.