When i hit my ip in the URL, it redirects to myip.nip.io

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I have configured bitnami AMI on Ec2 for Wordpress Multisite, when i hit the my IP address “myip” in the browser to access the Wordpress Site it redirects me to “myip.nip.io”. And it aslo throws the Error “Your Connection is not Private”.
How can i resolve the nip.io issue?

Hi @seemi,

Bitnami WordPress Multisite solution that uses nip.io when configuring the default domain. Note that WPMS requires the usage of a domain. You can find more information about how to configure it here:

About “Your Connection is not Private”, note that The certificate that is included in the Bitnami Stacks is a “dummy” self-signed certificate. Therefore, your browser doesn’t trust on it. You can configure your own let’s encrypt certificate by following this guide: