What's the difference between deploying normal CouchDB vs. CouchDB Bitnami?

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When I wanted to deploy CouchDB on Google Cloud, I saw that there was a regular version and a Bitnami version.

What is the difference between those two versions? What would be the benefit of deploying the Bitnami version?

Hi @jan2,

Bitnami images use the latest component versions, so they are always secure and up to date. As you can see, the Bitnami solution includes CouchDB 3.0.0 (the latest one) while the Google’s solution is using an old version (2.3.0).

Every Bitnami application also has lots of great guides and if any kind of issue arises with the documentation we can help you in this support community. :wink:


Thanks for your reply Michiel!
I saw the more recent version and that’s a pro indeed.

When I deployed the Bitnami version, I saw that it also installed a bunch of Bitnami related files on the instance. What are these files for? I guess I feel a bit uncomfortable about having files from a 3rd party in my deployments.

Hi @jan2,

We include some scripts that helps you manage the different services (for example the /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh file) as well as other scripts that take care of configuring the instance during the first boot and during each restart (they are inside the /opt/bitnami/var folder). Are you referring to those files?

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