Web Sever configurations tweeking to accomodate 10000 concurrent users

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1 vwesion Moodle 3.8 (Single Tier i guess )
2 LAMP PLATFORM at google cloud platform with E2 Machine (4vCPU , 16 GB RAM)
3 some plugins were installed

Hello @dsshukla,

Could let us know more information about the problems or the questions you have?


hello dear davidg
Greetings of the day !!
we have a single tier moodle installed at google cloud platform with 16 GB RAM and e2 series- 4 vCPU and we have enrolled arround 14000 user And want to have concurrent users near about 10000 …
But i guess due to default configuration setting we are facing following issues
1 moodle slows down at 500 + logging users which has to be atleast 12000
2 performance related parameters setting in various configuration file
3 In benchmark testing it shows warning message as “The login page is being loaded too slowly.”
4 The performance of your Moodle installation is not optimal.

Kindly Help

Hello @dsshukla,

This guide may help to troubleshoot those performance issues:

Also, if you have higher needs, you could take a look at our MT solution. Bitnami offers multi-tier templates to improve the capacity of single VM applications. All Bitnami Multi-Tier stacks are production configured following the industry standards: you can move your deployments from development to production in an easy and a reliable way. Multi-Tier solutions are a perfect choice to ensure high availability and performance in medium/large size production environments.



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