Wamp 8.0.6-0 installer download

Type: Bitnami Support Tool

My bitnami installation was corrupted somehow and now I wish to re-install so that I can uninstall it cleanly. Where can I download the installer for 8.0.6-0 for Wamp ?

Hi @Addeson

Thanks for using Bitnami and welcome to the community!

Let me mention that you have selected Bitnami Support Tool as the type of this issue. Please, bear in mind when creating your new issue that this type should be selected when reporting problems with the execution of the support tool. This thread instead should be of type How-To. :slightly_smiling_face:

Having said that, here you have a link to download Bitnami WAMP Stack installer for Windows.


MD5: 4db2fc7d0a28f2c480263386f3c52f49

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Jose Antonio Carmona

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