vRA deployment of various bitnami appliances and assigning internal IP addresses

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After finding a number of your appliances through the VRealize Automation Marketplace, I began talking to our analytics team and they are interested in using them for testing. Because this would be various virtual machines being created and destroyed after they served their purpose, vRealize Automation is the perfect method for deployment.

I have run into a snag during deployment that stops me from being able to release this for their use. Also please note, we will be using these machines on-premise only, no cloud deployments are allowed due to the nature of our business.

When an appliance (the ova) is selected for deployment, it gives no option for giving it an internal IP address. If the OVA is deployed anyway, it only has an IPv6 address available. Our vRA is configured to automatically give an IP address to a deployed virtual machine but this doesn’t work for any of the bitnami appliances.

We are currently using vRA 8.4 and have NSX-T 3.1.1 and are running VMware 7.0.1

If its something I am overlooking in vRA, I’m happy to go back and look, I just can’t figure out how to automatically give this OVA an internal IP that is not bridged for VMware Workstation or is designed for the cloud.

Thank you

Hi @robert.s,

Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do?

Bitnami OVAs are designed and tested for vSphere usage. To be depployed either on premise or using VMC as part of a SDDC setup. They are not prepared to work in vRA.

vRA 7.x requires OVAs to install a custom agent which we are not including on our OVAs, as vSphere does not require it.

The version of vRA that you are using is most likely using Cloud Init instead of a custom agent. But as said before we do not test our OVAs with a Cloud Init setup on vRA 8. In fact, checking our codebase we do remove Cloud Init from our images as it misbehaves on the vSphere deployment scenario.

Most probably Bitnami OVAs will need to be manually tweaked to allow proper deployment on vRA 8. At the very least (re)install Cloud Init and configure a data source properly for vRA 8. But as I said we do not provide support for that scenario on our OVAs.

Can we ask if you were checking any documentation from us that might misled you into thinking this use case was expected or should work?



Well, we found the bitnami appliances through the vRA 8 Marketplace, under Images. This implied that they were able to be deployed to a local vSphere cluster. If I have to manually edit a template to use DHCP on IPv4, rather than the default bridged setup, I don’t mind, I was only hoping there was a way to configure a blueprint to do that for me and relying on NSX-T to manage the IP addresses.

From what I am seeing, even deploying to a vCenter to create a VM based on that OVA, there is no place that it asks what its IP address should be or if it should use DHCP. It seems that the only OVA I can find is preconfigured for VMware workstation, or as a container. Since we do not make use of Cloud Foundation (our industry is very slow to adopt) using kubernetes or docker is out as well.

We were hoping that I was just being really dense on configuring the OVA for deployment, but it seems that I will go with my last instinct and configure the OVA for DHCP, then power it off and clone the OVA and then use vRA to deploy the cloned OVA. The seems like a much more sane approach than to try and get vRA 8 to do the config via a blueprint.

For what its worth, having the ability to deploy via vRA 8, allows you to deploy to on premise or the cloud and may be worth a bit of time since many industries are unwilling to move to a cloud setup for a variety of reasons. I would be happy to work with you all to do testing, if the interest is there.

Hi again @robert.s

Thanks for make us aware of the issue and providing all the details, it makes sense.

Unfortunately, currently we only support DHCP. vRA Marketplace is one of many consumers of our images. We suggest that you work with the vRA Marketplace team for this feature request.



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