Visual Studio Code Setup on Server 2012 R2 running VMWare Workstation Pro 12

Keywords: Magento - Windows - Technical issue - Other

Id like to set up dev environment to be able to edit and manage the Magento running instance I created.
Server: 2012 R2 licensed
Bitnami Stack: Magento with elasticsearch
Virtualised: VMWare Workstation Pro (ESXI on the processors of Poweredge R310 not supported)
IDE: Visual Studio Code

Please assist a.s.a.p thanks

I also would like to install a GUI interface on debian 10 to be executable from command line, recommendations please? Ive installed Nautilus but am getting a few errors to use only the command line. Thank you BM team

Hi @hyperpartstech21

Thanks for using Bitnami!

I think this question goes off the scope of the forum, which is to provide assistance with problems related to Bitnami stacks. For specific questions on how to configure an IDE, please refer to the official documentation of the tool.

Best regards,
Jose Antonio Carmona

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Ive managed to install GNOME3 with VSCode on debian 10 and reinstated services so all is working on Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Sure thing Jose, will remember

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