Using the SSH interface and following the instruction to install and rune tje bndiagnostic tool, the server won't let me

Type: Bitnami Support Tool

bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool
sudo: /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool: command not found
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ wget -O https://download Permission denied
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo mkdir /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo mv /opt/bitnami/bnd
mv: cannot stat ‘’: No such file or directory
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo chmod +x /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/bndiagnosti
chmod: cannot access ‘/opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/’: No such fil
e or directory
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo ln -s /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/bndiagnostic-l /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool
bitnami@ip-172-26-12-3:/opt/bitnami$ sudo /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool
sudo: /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool: command not found

Hi @dromadairemauve,

Could you please change directories to the /tmp directory and run the commands

cd /tmp
wget -O
sudo mkdir /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic
sudo mv /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/
sudo chmod +x /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/
sudo ln -s /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic/ /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool
sudo /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool

Once you get the code, please create a new ticket in the forum and provide as much information as possible regarding the issue you are running into.

Thank you! I’ve run the Diagnostic tool but it couldnt upload it automaticly to the bitnami servers. Where do I send the link to the zip file?

The diagnostic bundle file was successfully created, but the automatic upload to Bitnami
servers failed. You will need to upload it to your Bitnami Support ticket manually. Ple
ase locate the following file in your file browser or in your terminal: /tmp/bitnami-wor Exercise caution when uploading the resulting diag
nostic bundle to public sites as it contains detailed diagnostic information.bitnami@ip-

Hi @dromadairemauve,

Could you upload the generated zip file to a storage service like Google Drive and share the link in a private message? (Just click on my profile and then on “Message”) After that, could you update this thread, so I will get notified?


Hi @michiel. I got the google drive link.

But I don’t see the option tto message you directly when I click on your profile. I tried to write directly to you through the message panel, but it says I don’t have the permission to do so. Is there is something missing on my part?

Hi @dromadairemauve,

Let’s see if running the tool after stopping the services make the upload process work.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop
sudo /opt/bitnami/bndiagnostic-tool
sudo /opt/bitnami/ start

If that doesn’t work, please run these other commands and post the info here

ping -c 3
df -H
free -m

I also sent you a private message to share the Google Drive link in case the upload doesn’t work

Hi @jota . I’ve runned your code with success. It works! I got the diagnostic tool code and a lot of « issues » that I should work on. I’ll produce a new support ticket for my initial problem (don’t have the permission to install and update wordpress plugins).

Thank you again,

The bndiagnostic tool has finished searching for errors and has found some
issues that might be related to yours. The output will be shown on the next

Press [Enter] to continue:

===== Begin of bndiagnostic tool output =====

? Apache: Found possible issues
? Connectivity: Found possible issues
? Resources: Found possible issues
✓ Mysql: No issues found
? Processes: Found possible issues
✓ Php: No issues found


Found recent Pagespeed related error messages in the Apache error log:

[Mon Nov 22 18:17:25.199021 2021] [pagespeed:error] [pid 15524:tid 
140146963658496] [mod_pagespeed **ip_address**-0 @15524] Failed to mkdir 
/opt/bitnami/apache2/var/cache/mod_pagespeed/!clean!lock!: Permission denied

We suggest disabling pagespeed and check if that improves the behavior. Please
Press [Enter] to continue:
check the following guide to disable Pagespeed:

A high number of incoming requests originate from one or more unique IP
addresses. This could indicate a bot attack. The following guide shows how to
check for and block suspicious IP addresses.


Server ports 22, 80 and/or 443 are not publicly accessible. Please check the
following guide to open server ports for remote access:


Your instance has little available RAM memory.
total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 482 310 8 2 163 156 Swap: 634
40 593

You could try to increase your instance's memory. Please check your cloud 
provider's documentation for more information.


One or more component's processes are not running:

php-fpm not running apache not running mysql not running

You can try to restart the process with the following command:
 $ sudo /opt/bitnami/ start COMPONENT_NAME

===== End of bndiagnostic tool output =====

Press [Enter] to continue:
The files listed below are bigger than 10MB and have not been included, please notify th
e support agent.


The diagnostic bundle was uploaded successfully to the Bitnami servers. Please copy the 
following code:


And paste it in your Bitnami Support ticket.