Using pre-existing PVC Claims

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I am porting a kafka on swarm to kafka on k8s using bitnami kafka helm chart.

I would like to bind each kafka pod to a static PVC.
pod-kafka-0 binded to existing-pvc-0
pod-kafka-1 binded to existing-pvc-1

Can we leverage persistence.existingClaim to do that?
Is there a syntax to allow to access the ordinal value of the pod.
Hypothetical example:
persistence.existingClaim: “existing-pvc-{{ .statefulset.ordinal }}”


Should I simply pre-create a PVC named after the expected binding name?
Ex: When starting bitnami kafka helm chart for the first time, it dynamic provisionned PVC data-kafka-0,1,2…etc. If I recreate statically this PVC, it would bind to my static PVC instead.

Thanks for your time

Hi @Francois78,

Please could you open an issue in github?


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