Using Eclipse IDE with Bitnami Liferay installation

After struggling to install Liferay on I my own I was delighted to see that Bitnami offers a full installation with it’s own tomcat server bundle, however now in order to begin designing a theme for my installation it appears I need to use the Eclipse IDE. In my first run through with Liferay I was unsuccessful in setting up the IDE (or Liferay itself for that matter.)

My question is simple, will Eclipse work with my Bitnami Liferay installation? Can anyone direct me to documentation on how to introduce the two?


Hi @smangbuca

The Bitnami Liferay installation should work properly with Eclipse. The links below contain the official documentation about how to install and get start with Liferay IDE:

Please let us know if you have any issue.

I too have installed the Liferay stack. I am not able to get the Eclipse to recognize the installed bundle.

Per the README.txt >> On Linux and Windows there are two versions of the stack, with and without a
bundled JDK 1.8.0_101.

Where or how do I install the version with the the bundle?

Hi @beltechs

In our liferay stack we’re including the java jdk 1.8.0_101, you can see the changelog of the application:

Maybe we have our README of the application out updated, thanks for reporting it, we will take a look.

Have you take a look about the guides that my partner @davidg post above?

Best regards