Use custom network and subnet for the deployment

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We have our network defined in Azure with many other components and We want to deploy kafka using a net and subnet predefined and not being created in the new resource group. I’ve tried to modify the template like this unsuccesfully because searches for the network and subnet on the new resourcegroup:

"vnet": {
            "name": "VNET-VP-PRE-NET-01"
        "subnet": {
            "name": "SNET-VP-PRE-NET-01",
            "ref": "[resourceId('Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/subnets', 'NET-VP-PRE-NET-01', 'SNET-VP-PRE-NET-01')]"

Hi @raul.macian,

Can you check if the following link is useful for you?

I can’t see any network settings under the environment configuration in kafka deployment

Trying different apps I have checked that the Kafka cluster, on the left, does not allow to specify a custom net-subnet, but the kafka , on the right does

Hi @raul.macian,

Our team will investigate this and will let you know more information when we have it.


Hi @raul.macian,

The Kafka Cluster solution deploys multiple VMs for Kafka and Zookeeper in clustered mode while Kafka Certified by Bitnami is an all-in-one VM which contains all the required services on a single VM.

On the first solution, in addition to multiple VMs, a new isolated network is also created and as you are mentioning, it doesn’t support to specify an existing network.

Does the solution Kafka Certified by Bitnami suit your needs?

Best regards,
Andrés Bono.

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