URGENT: Upgrade the AWS Lightsail LAMP/WordPress/PHP stack please

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Using Wordpress via AWS Lightsail, our customer’s security test suite has picked up that the bitnami stack used by AWS uses PHP 7.4.19, and they consider this a high level vulnerability - stopping our project in it’s tracks. I see that the bitnami changelog shows the last update to the stack (including to PHP 7.4.19) as being on 12 May 2021. So we are now over 2 months past that date. As a matter of urgency, please can you release a new stack that includes PHP 7.4.21 to AWS Lightsail so we can upgrade and deliver our project to our customer. This is literally the only thing preventing us form being able to deliver.

Hello @cliff2,

Our latest WP version (5.7.2) ships PHP 7.4.19.

We have submitted the updated packages to AWS Lightsail, but they are still in the process of publishing them to the marketplace, so it is on AWS’ side.

Please take a look at this previous answer:

I hope it helps

Hi @davidg

Many thanks for the quick response.

I am aware that the current WP version ships PHP 7.4.19. We specifically need PHP 7.4.21 for our project requirement (to pass the customer security check).

So I wanted to ask, when you say we have submitted the updated packages to AWS Lightsail, do you mean an updated package that will move the PHP version to 7.4.21 or something else? I understand the delay sits with AWS, but I am just wanting to know if this update will move the PHP version to 7.4.21 - we already use the 7.4.19 version.

And finally, does AWS have a typically turnaround time period for updating the Lightsail installations?

Thanks again

Hello @cliff2,

Yesterday we released WP 5.8 with the following changes (including PHP 7.4.21):

Version 5.8-0      2021-07-28
* Added Imagemagick PHP extension for Windows
* Updated Apache to 2.4.48
* Updated lego to 4.4.0
* Updated MariaDB to 10.4.20
* Updated PHP to 7.4.21
* Updated phpMyAdmin to 5.1.1
* Updated SQLite to 3.36.0
* Updated Varnish to 6.0.8
* Updated WordPress to 5.8
* Updated WP-CLI to 2.5.0 

It varies and we cannot provide you with an ETA since we don’t have control over it. Alternatively, you can follow the approach to install the Bitnami WordPress Stack manually (following the instruction from the other case) on a LightSail instance. Also, you can now launch it on AWS EC2 or using our AWS launchpad:

You can find the installer here:


@davidg Thank you so much for you help. This is a great help and we’ll proceed with your suggestion.

All the best

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