Upgrading noodle from noodle 2.8 to noodle 3.2

Currently we are using noodle 2.8 and now we want to upgrade it to 3.2 . We can go for a new server but please let me know, how to migrate our prescious server data to new server.

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You might want to read this post as I am in the same boat…
Will be trying it out this weekend on a Bitnami\AWS Moodle server I have running… it is 2.9.1 and will upgrade it to 3.2
By using this method…

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Hi @snakhilsemwal,

You could check out the thread @advancedcskills posted (thanks @advancedcskills!), note that this upgrade guide is also mentioned there: https://docs.bitnami.com/google/apps/moodle/#how-to-upgrade-moodle

Our recommendation is that you upgrade Moodle first, and after that, migrate the data to a new server or stack (which can also be in the same server). We have a migration guide here: https://docs.bitnami.com/google/apps/moodle/#how-to-migrate-your-moodle-installation

This guide to upgrade Moodle doesn’t seem to work, help would be appreciated

Hi @iHaag,

I just saw another topic regarding the same issue, in order to don’t duplicate our answer, I will close this one and continue talking in the other.

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