Upgrading from linux single installer to docker container

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Do you have instructions on how to upgrade from a Self-contained Bitnami installation to docker?

Hi @wthsia,

No, we do not have a specific guide to do so but you will basically need to migrate your data to the new deployment. We have a generic guide here:


OK. I was able to migrate to the container. Now I’m having issue with email fetch via SSL. I tried open a new topic but it requires a key from bitnami diagnostic tool. THe container does not have it and when I tried to download and run it, it says it can not find the bitnami installation even though I provided with the correct path.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong here?

Hi @wthsia,

We handle all issues/questions about Bitnami containers on Github. Now that you’ve upgraded to a container could you ask your question there?