Upgrade to php 8.1

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I have AWS lightsail instance that has bitnami LAMP stack image installed.
Instance is running Drupal 9.2.x that will soon be upgraded to 9.3.0. Latter version recommends PHP 8.x so I was wondering if the upgrade process has evolved from Upgrade to the latest PHP or the latest LAMP stack within the Lightsail AWS service?? If not is there a plan to make it easier or do I have to move to manual installation of services?
I already once did what was instructed on that link but it was a pain (upgrade from PHP 7.3.x to 7.4.14).

Thank you very much

Hi @marko.maric,

We are currently including PHP 7.4 in our Drupal solutions and there is a task on our side to update this component soon.

The process has not changed and you can upgrade your drupal installation now by deploying the new Bitnami LAMP solution with the new version of PHP and then migrate your data. You can deploy Drupal in the new LAMP solution by following this guide


Once we upgrade the Bitnami Drupal solution to 8.x, you can deploy that instance and then migrate your data if needed.

Thank you very much.

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