Upgrade Steps Bitnami Stack OpenProject 8.3.2 to OpenProject 11.2.0

Keywords: OpenProject - Virtual Machines - How to - Upgrade
We have an OpenProject 8.3.2 running on virtual machine Bitnami Stack. It’s my first time to handle the application and its running without docker with OS Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS. I’m trying to understand how to upgrade to latest version 11.2.0 perhaps a user guide how to do it andis it also possible to download older version of bitnami stack openproject 8.3.2 so that I can test it on my localhost without affecting the production bitnami stack openproject version 8.3.2.

Hi @s.canaya,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I think you are trying to upgrade too many versions in a single step, and I’m afraid I don’t know if it will work. I think you may find several database changes. We recommend you to ask in the official OpenProject forums for further help on this.


Find below the download link to the same virtual-machine version you are currently using so you can run your migration tests


We also have a guide on how to upgrade OpenProject that may be of help, at least as a check-list to not forget any required step


Hi gongomgra,

Thank you for your response on this topic and providing us the VM for bitnami openproject version 8.3.2 for our testing before we can migrate to the latest version without affecting the production openproject. I know its not easy to jump to latest version. I will follow your advice and since we are using community version of openproject, i’m also trying to figure out how backup the mysql and convert it to postgresql so that i can restore it to the latest version which is running on postgresql.

Thank you so much…

Hi @s.canaya,

Thanks for your message and your kind words. I hope you can get your application migrated without any issues!