Upgrade php version to 7.4

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Hi, may i know how can i upgraded PHP version to 7.4 from 7.3 now?

Hi @hi.kopioais,

You will need to launch the latest Bitnami WordPress solution in AWS that comes with PHP 7.4 (https://bitnami.com/stack/wordpress/changelog.txt) and migrate the data from your current instance to the new one


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about to launch the latest Bitnami Wordpress, how can i do that? Im sorry that i really have a basic knowledge about this. Did i need to do this on aws dashboard? and if yes, the new bitnami wordpress will be install in what domain? or the process to migrate will be hard (something like need to change domain etc)?

Hi @hi.kopioais,

You can use the AWS Console or the Marketplace to launch the latest version of the Bitnami solution.

It won’t have a domain configured by default. It will have a public IP and you will need to update your DNS records to point to that IP once you finish with the migration.

Apart from changing the domain, you will also need to generate new certificate files or copy them to the new instance. If you used Let’s Encrypt to generate your certificates, you will be able to generate new ones in the new instance by following the same process (our Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool helps you with that process)


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from the marketplace is here right? https://prnt.sc/11bnwim so i need to click launch new instance?

only this step for change the php version? need to launch everything from beginning? why there’s no options that we can select from the list like Cpanel huhuhu

Hi @hi.kopioais,

No, we do not support Cpanel.

Yes, you need to launch a new instance and migrate the data from your current instance to the new one.


i already create a new instance but how to check that my installation wordpress the php is running 7.4 up?

Anyone? where can i check the php version on new instance?

Hi @hi.kopioais,

You can access the instance using a SSH connection


and then run this command to get the version

php -v

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hi. this one confirm php 7.4 up right?

Yes, that instance has PHP 7.4

hi, im not able to upload the data using all in one import because my data backup is more 35gb… any solution?

Hi, how can i give permission on this?

Halo, anyone please? i need to use other method to transfer my file and it asking for permission

Hi @hi.kopioais,

You will need to increase the upload limit in your installation to be able to upload that file to the instance.


Please note that you will also need to have enough free space in the instance to upload the file.

Run the commands in this video tutorial and you will have permissions to edit any file in the installation folder


How can i go to this line /opt/bitnami/php/etc/php.ini ?

You will need to use a command line text editor like nano, vim or emacs. If you do not know how to use them, please check any online documentation.


how to fixed this?

and how can i fixed this? im running my website after transfer my file without changing my domain yet. because i wanna my data running well at my new instance first… and from the screenshot, how can i check the email to recover the problem?

i can manage this issue… i need to add sudo at beginning