Upgrade Moodle from 3.7 to 3.9

Keywords: Moodle - Microsoft Azure - How to - Upgrade

how can i update the php version of my moodle azure vm?
We have 7.1.30 installed - and necessary for Moodle3.9 is php 7.2.0.
I followed the guide here:

And the last step on the homepage says i need to update PHP first.
Dont know how to do that.

My Bitnami support tool code:

Hi @domidetres

Thank you for using bitnami moodle!

As we currently offer version 3.9.2 for Moodle (https://bitnami.com/stack/moodle), I think it would be easier if you migrate your data to this newer stack. In order to to that, you can checkout this guide:


Could that work for you?

Hey @jcarmona

so just for my unterstanding, i would buy a new applliance in azure and migrate the whole data to the new one?
Is there no other possible way of updating php to the needed version?

Hi @domidetres,
That would be the easiest way of doing that. The other, would imply downloading, compiling php and installing by your own.

Thanks we will do that -:slight_smile: