Upgrade mariaDB 10.6x

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I would need to update mariadb to version 10.6.x, because I would need to use json_table.
How can I do that?

Hi @znfranco,

We are including MariaDB 10.4 in our native installers and it’s not possible to update it to 10.6 without recompiling the database from scratch. Please note 10.4 is a supported version


If you need a different MariaDB version, you can disable the one that comes with the Bitnami installer and install the new version using the system’s packages.

I’ve seen things change for the worse.
I know that version 10.4 is supported until 2024, but that version as I had written does not support json_table introduced by version 10.6.x.
If I have to install the db from the system packages, I might as well install apache or nginx and say goodbye to the bitnami stack that I don’t need anymore.
Anyway thanks for the answer.

You can also launch the Bitnami MariaDB docker image


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