Upgrade Ghost to 4.0

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? Apache: Found possible issues
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In order to upgrade Ghost to 4.0, it seems that we need to upgrade node into at least 14.x. Here is ghost update results:

You are running an outdated version of Ghost-CLI.
It is recommended that you upgrade before continuing.
Run npm install -g ghost-cli@latest to upgrade.

:heavy_check_mark: Checking system Node.js version
:information_source: Ensuring user is not logged in as ghost user [skipped]
:information_source: Checking if logged in user is directory owner [skipped]
:heavy_check_mark: Checking current folder permissions
:heavy_check_mark: Checking memory availability
:heavy_check_mark: Checking for available migrations
:heavy_check_mark: Checking for latest Ghost version
:heavy_multiplication_x: Downloading and updating Ghost to v4.9.0
A SystemError occurred.

Message: Ghost v4.9.0 is not compatible with the current Node version.

Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v16.04.6 LTS
Node Version: v10.18.0
Ghost Version: 3.40.2
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.13.1
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost update’

Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.

You can always refer to https://ghost.org/docs/api/ghost-cli/ for troubleshooting.

Hi @didik.wicaksono,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Unfortunately, upgrading base components like Node.js is not possible. You will need to launch a new server using the latest Ghost version and then migrate the application data. For migrating the data, you can follow the official Ghost documentation.

Thanks for the info and the hint :+1:

Hi @didik.wicaksono,

Thanks for your message. We hope you were able to launch a new server and migrate your Ghost information there.


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