Upgrade from PostgreSQL 11.12 (on Debian 11.12) to latest PostgreSQL version

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I wish to upgrade my current PostgreSQL version without creating a new AWS instance like this thread suggest: Upgrading /opt/bitnami/postgresql from version 11.8 to 12

what is the command to upgrade the version on the current instance and please let me know if there are crucial dependencies I should upgrade as result.


Hello @ran,

Please note that Bitnami solutions are self-contained with pre-configured components. Upgrading PostgreSQL on the same instance is not supported. Instead, we recommend creating a backup of your database, launch a new server with an updated PostgreSQL version and finally restore your database.



@davidg as my DB instance is created on AWS Lightsail it’s created with an already installed version - its not a clean instance so there must be a way to upgrade Postgresql without uninstall the existing version and re-installing a new one (which pretty much cancels the entire idea of a PAAS instance).
And while this method might be “good enough” for learning, testing or development of a small DB, it can’t be the recommended way for big and huge DB’s in production.

Hello @ran,

Sorry, but upgrading base components on the same instance is not supported. Please note that all Bitnami native installers are completely self-contained and run independently of the rest of the software or libraries installed on your system. They won’t interfere with any software already installed on your system, so everything you’re already running will continue to work normally. That’s why it’s not easy to upgrade the stack on the fly and you need to perform the manual steps to migrate the app to the new installation.

The migration process is documented, and we will help you if you find any problem following the steps.

You can also check our container offering, which allows the user to easily upgrade the base components of the different containers:

We’re working on adding more applications and base components to that library


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