Upgrade from php 7.0 to 7.2

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as far as I read there is no option to update php, is there any guide which explain me how to upgrade php to 7.2 step by step?

Hello @Tete,

Please note that Bitnami Stacks are completely self-contained and run independently of the rest of the software or libraries installed on your system. For that reason, it is not possible to upgrade one component of the stack (in this case PHP).

You need to upgrade de full stack and then restore your files. You should launch a new cloud image with the latest version (that includes PHP 7.2), and then migrate your data there. Alternatively, you could install our latest installer in your current machine.

This documentation is useful to migrate WP:

I hope it helps

Hello @davidg,

Thanks for the fast replay, is there any guide for the Installer Version? how long will the Site be offline?

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Hi @Tete,

You could follow this process:

  • Export your WP content

  • Install the latest Bitnami WordPress Stack (e.g in /opt/wordpress-5.0.3-2 directory). As your previous installation is still running, this one will use different ports for Apache and MySQL (by default, 81 and 3307 respectively).

  • Import your WP content in the new installation

  • Then, make sure the new installation is working as expected (note that it will be working in a different port).

  • Once you get the new WP installation working properly you could:

  • Stop your previous installations services:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh stop

Which the process above, you will check that the new WP is working fine before stopping the previous one, and will reduce the unavailable time. Also, I suggest to do it in hours with low user traffic.

I hope it helps

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