Updated Node.js, but ghost won't update from v2 to v4

Keywords: Ghost - AWS - Technical issue - Upgrade
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I managed to update CLI to 1.17.3 and Ghost to 2.38.3. To proceed to v4, I tried to update node according to https://ghost.org/docs/faq/node-versions/.
This succeeded to the degree that the command now returns “nodejs is already the newest version (14.17.0-1nodesource1).”
However, “node --version” returns “v10.16.3” and subsequently “update ghost” fails because it only seems to find this unsupported old version.
I am at a loss with how to move forward.

Hello @sergex,

That should be because there is a need to modify the $PATH, could you please check this thread and follow the recommendations made by my colleagues:

Francisco de Paz

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