Update The IP Address Or Hostname does not work!

Keywords: Apache Guacamole - Virtual Machines - Technical issue - Application configuration

bnsupport ID: afdf97ea-cbc8-ccac-fc18-b354857d503d

bndiagnostic output:

? Connectivity: Found possible issues

bndiagnostic failure reason: The suggested guides are not related with my issue

sudo /opt/bitnami/configure_app_domain --domain XXXXX
results in:
sudo: /opt/bitnami/configure_app_domain: command not found
sudo /opt/bitnami/guacamole/bnconfig --machine_hostname XXXXXXX
results in:
sudo: /opt/bitnami/guacamole/bnconfig: command not found

Hi @01pc,

You are right. The team will check the issue.


We are still checking this. I will update you with any findings.

That would be great!

Hi, @01pc.

Why do you want to update the IP address? I’ve been investigating a bit and I don’t think this is needed at all in the Guacamole SingleVM. The official documentation from Guacamole does not mention anything about setting a domain, and I have tried myself to use a domain instead of the IP to access the application and everything works as expected.

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