Update shared buffer size on Azure bitnami VM with Postgresql

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I have moved an existing application to the cloud.
I choose a bitnami VM with a Postgresql DB on Azure.

Performance is currently very bad, the on premises DB was a lot more performant.

I saw that the shared_buffer size is set to 8MB.
I need to update this urgently, but I can not access the config file. When I navigate to the folder I get Access denied.

How can I update this parameter?

Are there other parameters I should adjust to improve performance of the DB?

Thank you for your help.



Apparently I need root account user privileges to update the file /opt/bitnami/postgresql/data/postgresql.conf
How can I connect to the VM using WINSCP with root account user privileges?

Thank you for your help!


Hi @mekong,

You can find instructions on how to connect to your Azure VM in these links to our documentation:

Regarding the performance, please note that this may depend on the VM size that you chose. Could you let us know some more details regarding the VM size you chose and the amount of traffic that this server is expected to support?


Thank you for these links. I was able to login with WinSCP and update the postgrsql.config file
I have updated

shared_buffers -> 512 MB
work_mem -> 32 MB

The VM has 1024GB RAM

I now have to look into the reason why the queries are performed so slowly. I am new to postgresql, this is a migration from sqlserver.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards,

Hi @mekong,

I’m glad you found them useful and you were able to modify the configuration successfully, thanks for letting us know.

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