Update POSTGRESQL 10.5 to ver 11.1-1

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Update POSTGRESQL 10.5 to ver 11.1-1.
I currently use a Virtual Machine that downloads from BITNAMI POSTGRESQL STACK with the 10.5 verification and I want to update the postgresql to the 11.1-1

Hi @joel_moya1387,

We do not provide upgrades for our infrastructure components. You will need to backup the content of your PostgreSQL 10.5 server and then launch a new virtual machine with version 11.1 and restore the data. You can find more information about it on our guide linked below


You will need to download the backup and then upload it to the new virtual machine. To do that, you can use SFTP as explained in our guide https://docs.bitnami.com/virtual-machine/faq/administration/upload-files/

Hope it helps,

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