Update php7.4 > php8.1

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I’m currently using the wordpresspro image in GCP. But I imagine updating php may be some what universal between various builds.

My initial server time to respond is high 2ms.

I’d like to see if updating php/fpm and php modules to 8.1 will improve response time.

I notice that php is not found by apt-get/dpkg and has all files located in /opt/bitnami/php

What would be the best approach to attempt to update manually?

Correction above “My initial server time to respond is high *2000ms.”

Hi @mrlb,

We are currently including PHP 7.4 in the WordPress with NGINX solution. The NGINX standalone solution also includes PHP 7.4 so if you want to test WordPress and PHP 8.1, you will need to use the Bitnami LAMP 8.1 solution that includes Apache and PHP 8.1 and manually deploy WordPress there



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