Uninstall MySQL Component


I'm using RDS Amazon so do not need to have mysql installed on my EC2 instance. How do I uninstall this component BitNami through the command line?


Which Amazon Image are you using?

AMI: BitNami Tomcat Stack 7.0.23-0 (Ubuntu 10.04)

Hi, you can simply stop the database and remove or rename the "/opt/bitnami/mysql" folder.


Thanks, but what about the ctlscript.sh? Wouldn't it contain errors if you simply delete the mysql folder? In the bitnami control panel, it would be nice if the mySQL service monitoring disappears as well.

No, there will not be any problem with the ctlscript.sh. If you want to complete remove the entry from the BitNami Manager, remove the section [MySQL] from the file <installdir>/properties.ini.

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Just found out about this and because I maintain about dozens instances, the script below would be make the process less painfull.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh stop mysql
sed -r 's/^(\[My|my)/\;\1/g' /opt/bitnami/properties.ini
sudo mv /opt/bitnami/mysql /opt/bitnami/mysql-disabled

Like @beltran mention, we could do sudo rm -rf /opt/bitnami/mysql if sure about removing all the MySQL component

Hi @adeklanin,

Thank you for sharing this information. You can also rename the control script of MySQL to not to start it when starting the services.

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh stop mysql
sudo mv /opt/bitnami/mysql/scripts/ctl.sh  /opt/bitnami/mysql/scripts/ctl.sh.disable