Unable to run bitnami tool getting different errors

Type: Bitnami Support Tool


[Tue Jan 04 07:11:07.927515 2022] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 3078:tid 140623780759296] (70008)Partial results are valid but processing is incomplete: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (reading input brigade)
Some files don’t have the expected permissions Please check the following guide:

Hello @malik.irfan,

This is not a Bintami Support Tool issue, but a technical issue. Please open a new ticket as Technical Issue instead of Bitnami Support Tool:

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 10.05.30


@davidg when i try to open technical issue it ask me to provide Bitnami Support Tool ID?
how to provide this when tool is not running and giving error message?

Hello @malik.irfan,

Sorry to hear you faced issues with the tool.

Could you try to stop the services before running the bnsupport?

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh stop

If bnsupport-tool does not work, could you try these commands?

free -h
df -h
df -ih


Hi, we have identified the problem and released a new version of the bndiagnostic (0.9.17) and bncert (0.7.2) tools with a fix for the errors. If you launch the current version of the tool, it should detect the new version and attempt to download it.

If it doesn’t detect it, you can always download the bndiagnostic tool manually:

md5: e813e84f0fad054e39eba4508157b489

And for bncert:

md5: 7170b9d68641f5a045a5e6e4b5772a3a

@marcos i am observing high traffic on my website approximately 1600 to 2000 in one minute can you please guide what should i set in apache default configuration according to this thread.

The message you got is due the number of petitions your server is trying to dispatch.
Could you give a us approximately how much traffic (petitions/s) you have, so we can adjust our defaults ?

Hi @malik.irfan,

that depends on the application, your plugins/extensions, and many more things. Please contact the app’s developers to know more about how much memory you need and how to adjust the parameters to improve the performance of your site. Note that we already pre-configure those values according to the instance you select.

@jota i have updated the values that are already available but still facing the same issues. getting this error message with high traffic

[mpm_event:error] [pid 8754:tid 140699249554752] AH10159: server is within MinSpareThreads of MaxRequestWorkers, consider raising the MaxRequestWorkers setting

Hi @malik.irfan,

Please increase the MaxRequestWorkers value in the Apache’s configuration. You can find where that value is set by using this command

sudo egrep -Ri MaxRequestWorkers /opt/bitnami/apache2

As I mentioned previously, please contact the app’s developers to get more info about the performance issue you are running into.