Unable to restart apache or access website

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When restarting apache i get failed to restart. I cannot access my website when i input domain name. i even started a new lightsail instance but got the same error. I don’t kow what i did to cause this error but the project is stopped. I can still run on port 8000 but not the main domain

Hello @rabsfeir,

First of all, I can see you are using a lot of swap:

Display amount of free and used memory in the system
Running: free -m
In: /opt/bitnami


              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            987         306         115           2         565         538
Swap:           634           0         634

You could try to increase your machine type if you face performance issues. This guide explains the process

Let me also share with you our troubleshooting documentation:

Checking your apache error_log,

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'widget_tweaks'

Base on this page, it seems to be django-widget-tweaks.

I hope it helps

Thank you for your feedback. Creating a new instance with some turnarounds, made my project work. My issue in following the tutorial was that i am working with ASGI instead of WSGI. couldn’t find resources on this. So if there is a proper tutorial would appreciate pointing it to me on how to create an instance with asgi. For now, it is a demo project, so with the turnaround, i made it’s fine. But if anything available to do it properly I would appreciate it.

Hello @rabsfeir,

I’m glad you made it work on a new instance. Unfortunately, we don’t have documentation for ASGI. Let me share the official docs in case it helps:



thank you again.
But been there and with my level of knowledge, i didn’t know how to apply

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