Unable to Restart Apache. I need to restart the VM to restart Apache

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bnsupport ID: 52390fe8-50b3-d9df-18f2-ac298f1390a2
Earlier, it was possible to restart the apache. Recently I have added another Vhost to run another host another URL. Since then restart does not really work. I have to restart the VM and then only I can restart Apache. It is really difficult to restart Vm every time.

I run the support tool and ID is 52390fe8-50b3-d9df-18f2-ac298f1390a2. Please suggest the way to fix the issue.

Hello @celebrationtem,

Thanks for using Bitnami! I see in your configuration that you have issues running our ctlscript.sh:

Get the ctlscript status
Running: ./ctlscript.sh status
In: /opt/bitnami


Cannot find any running daemon to contact. If it is running, make sure you are pointing to the right pid file (/var/run/gonit.pid)

Are you referring to that error when you try to restart Apache from the terminal? Could you try following the steps detailed in the following post?

Francisco de Paz

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