Unable to renew my SSL Certificate

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Looks like I’ve nuked the Apache config files somewheree.
Here’s the output:

 sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh stop apache
Unmonitored apache
httpd.bin: Syntax error on line 562 of /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/httpd.conf: Syntax error o
n line 22 of /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami.conf: Include takes one argument, Na
me(s) of the config file(s) to be included; fails if the wildcard does not match at least o
ne file
apache config test fails, aborting

Here’s the support bundle code:

Hi @jdr.rohan,

On line 22 in the /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami.conf file you have to add a newline:

Include "/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf" </VirtualHost> 

Must be changed to:

Include "/opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami-apps-prefix.conf"

And then restart Apache:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ctlscript.sh restart apache


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