Unable to install review board 2.5 Windows installer

Keywords: ReviewBoard - Windows - Technical issue - Credentials
While installing review board 2.5 , I am stuck badly while creating username and password, Every time it says “Please use alphanumeric characters only.”

Sample password i am submitting :
i.) aA1!bB2@cc
sample username : dpadmin

what is wrong with this kind of credentials. Please define alphanumeric.

Hi @neilsen,

It means the password should consist of only letters and numbers, so A-Z+a-z+0-9.


Michiel D’Hont

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Thanks a lot Michal. I got it now. Successfully installed review board in Windows.

Hi @neilsen,

You’re welcome. Great to hear that it worked. :slight_smile:

Michiel D’Hont

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