Unable to connect to sample application created using MEAN stack

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I created a sample application using the steps given on https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/infrastructure/mean/#access_application and started it. When I try to navigate to it, the connection times out. I did open SSH tunnel to port 3000 as suggested on the page. Plz help resolve it

Hi @vasantha.vennelagant,

I just launched a fresh MEAN stack and deployed the example Express project following this section in our guide


Then I created the SSH tunnel and accessed the application


The command line also showed the connection

bitnami@bitnami-meanstack-dm-5862:~/projects/sample$ ./bin/www
GET / 200 224.597 ms - 170
GET /stylesheets/style.css 200 3.102 ms - 111
GET /favicon.ico 404 13.887 ms - 1105
GET / 304 11.590 ms - -
GET /stylesheets/style.css 304 0.981 ms - -

Could you please let us know if you obtained any error message when launching the web server in the command line



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