Unable to change config.php

Running Resourcespace on AWS, everything working fine however we are upable to upload to or edit the files in the includes folder - including the config.php

Tried recursively setting the permissions for complete access however am unable to do anything further than rename files.

I am very new to this so may be missing something obvious, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @annika;

Bitnami Stacks are installed in AWS instances using the root user, so a normal user (like bitnami, ubuntu or user) would not be able to perform changes to configuration files.

In order to modify those files you should enter the system as root user.
Using ssh you can connect to root@your_ip
If you are already logged in you can execute sudo su, type your password and then you are logged as root user and you will be able to modify those files.

I hope this will help you. Tell us if you have any further questions.


Hi Jorge,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I’ve tried your suggestions, however receive the following message, before the connection is closed:

Please login as the user “bitnami” rather than the user “root”.

Any ideas?

Hi @annika;

In that case, login with the user bitnami and then execute sudo su entering the bitnami user password again, to perform actions as the root user.


How are you guys editing the remote documents?

Hi @tjustice86,

You will need to connect through SSH to your server in order to edit files. If you are running Linux you can use command ssh or PuTTY software if you are using Windows. Please, get more information about how to connect to your server using our guide at https://wiki.bitnami.com/BitNami_Cloud_Hosting/Servers/SSH#How_to_connect_to_my_server

Write us back in case you have any other question or issue during process.


@gongomgra I can connect via ssh and Putty, I guess I just need to know the commands? I am pretty green in ssh. I think I need to use the scp command is that correct? Any good guides that you know of? Thank you.

Hi @tjustice86.

In the guide I gave you before, you can learn how to connect from Windows or Linux/Mac OSX. If you are connecting from Linux, then the SSH command should be like:

ssh -i /path/to/your/bitnami-gce-project-name.pem bitnami@your_IP_address

Hope it helps,