Unable to access plugins menu WordPress multisite after domain change

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I have set up a multisite

When a new site is created under my primary domain I can access the plugins menu. but when I change the domain to something else (eg: from test.abc .com to xyz .com) it vanishes. I can’t even access it through a link when I go to


it says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

when I change the address back to anything under my main domain (basic. abc.com / *.abc. com) I can access the plugins page.

I cannot access any dashboard customization plugins from a different domain either.

I have set up SSL on all domains.

Hi @msfrox

Thanks for using Bitnami WordPress Multisite!

I have tried to replicate your issue on my side but could not face any problem. Plugins are shown in both views and rendered properly.

Hence, this should be something related to the configuration of your instance. Let’s try to deactivate all the plugins just in case any of them is performing those redirections. Execute the following command:

$ sudo wp plugin deactivate --all

After that, try to load the page again and see if it works now. You can activate your plugins again using

$ sudo wp plugin activate X

where X should be substituted by the name of the plugin you want to activate.

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Jose Antonio Carmona

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Okay, so I found out what my problem was.

You need to be a Super Admin In order to activate and deactivate plugins from the site dashboard for the site.

so what happened to me was that I had logged in from a super admin account under my main domain. But the one I logged in to my second domain was not a super admin

site 1 > main .com > User 1 (Super Admin) > Has plugins access
site 2 > second .com > User 2 (Not Super Admin) > No plugins access

take site 2 under the main domain and login changes automatically

site 2 > sub2. main .com > User 1 (Super Admin) > Has plugins access

So that’s what happened

Thanks all.

I have found the following articles useful

Sort of the same problem but different context:

Hi @msfrox,

Thanks for sharing your solution with the community.


I found this setting here. This enables the plugins menu for all Administrators (site-level).

You just need to enable this setting in Settings > Menu Settings > Enable administration menus > Plugins

You don’t need to be a Super Admin (network-level) to access the plugins menu when you have this setting enabled.

I had missed it before.

Thanks all for your support :+1:t3:

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