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Hello Dears,

I use the Bitname Apache Guacamole image from the Google Cloud Marketplace.
I needed to configure “Virtual Hosts” so that the instance only accepts connections to my domain (example: “mydomain.com”).
For this, I made changes to the following files:

The configuration worked and I confirm that if I try to connect to the server using another domain (example: “otherdomain.com”) the Apache Guacamole login page is not served, instead it opens a default page with the message “It works”, which that’s enough.

However, after doing the above configuration, the Apache Guacamole UI is opening misconfigured/incorrect, and it is rendering some functions inoperable, as in the images below.

Anything else I should have done in the “Virtual Host” setup process?

Sorry, cant post the images in the topic… here is:

Hi @fenrirlobo86,

I understand you do not need to configure anything more there. However, you should configure Guacamole to use the correct domain, did you do so?


Happy to help!

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Hi @jota,

Works like a charm!
Thanks for the help.

The first two commands didnt work, returning “command not found”.
So i did the last method, “sudo nano /etc/hosts”, and add the entry “IP-ADDRESS DOMAIN”.

For those facing the same, be aware that you should put the main domain: mydomain.com

Putting the subdomain as below DID NOT work for me: sub.mydomain.com