Typing the domain including www dont work

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When I type www.beeistro.no it doesnt redirect to my site. It only works when I type beeistro.no. This happen after I update the SSL certificate.

Hi @pedersen.joakim84,

You only configured the non-www domain but not the www one. Please access your DNS provider dashboard and update the www domain


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Hi @jota :slight_smile:

I think im near figuring it out. But wondering when I update the SSL certificate, I have to add the www under “common name”. Do you know if I have to add only “www” or “www.beeistro.no” in the “common name”?

Hi @pedersen.joakim84,

Please take a look at this previous answer:

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I have recently redirect the Website to https://domain and everything is fine. This is all Becuase of the Community Experts of Bitnami. Thanks Alot to All

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